Black Doctoral Network Western Regional Conference
“Empowering Youth of Color Through Culturally Responsive Education”
Los Angeles, California
March 30, 2019

The Black Doctoral Network is welcoming undergraduates to participate in our Western Regional Conference, themed “Empowering Youth of Color Through Culturally Responsive Education." If you have a research project you would like to present as a poster at a professional conference, the poster competition is a good opportunity for you to showcase your academic work and receive constructive feedback from scholars in a friendly and engaging environment.

 Why Should You Participate?

  • If you are interested in pursuing a graduate or doctoral degree, the poster session offers you a great opportunity to meet students and faculty from graduate programs across the country as they view (and potentially judge) your poster
  • Gain experience in presenting scientific papers
  • Develop skills in effective communication for an academic audience  

Abstract Details  

Abstracts may be submitted by sophomores, juniors and seniors (as of Fall 2018) from all racial backgrounds and on any topic. Previous accepted abstracts came from the fields of education, energy & environment, STEM, business, sociology, and health to name a few. 

The abstract must be no more than 250 words in length. Include the title of the poster, issues you address in your work, your methods and theories, and results/conclusions of your research (if available). 

We will send decision notifications starting February 3 and on a weekly basis thereafter. Only one poster may be submitted to the competition per presenter and one presenter per poster. All presenters must be 18 years or older. Poster presentations will take place on Saturday, March 30 from 2:00 - 3:00pm. Winners will be announced during the Closing Ceremony at 5:15pm.

Submission Deadline: March 1, 2019 at 11:59PM EST.

Registration Deadline: March 15, 2019

Registration Information


Conference registration is $75 for undergraduate presenters. By registering you will have full access to the conference sessions. No refunds will be granted after March 1, 2019.


First place winner will be awarded $150 Visa gift card. Second place winner will be awarded $100 Visa gift card. Third place winner will be awarded $50 Visa gift card. Winners' names and posters will be posted to the BDN web site.  

Who We Are

The Black Doctoral Network is a clearinghouse for individuals of African descent who are holders of or scholars engaged in the pursuit of doctoral degrees from accredited institutions of higher learning worldwide. We provide opportunities for networking and collaboration and foster interconnectedness within the black intelligentsia for the purpose of eliminating the achievement gap among persons at all education levels while creating a pipeline for the most underserved students toward the upper echelons of the academy and beyond. 

Presentation Details 

Easels and foam boards (40” x 60”) will be provided to display your work. A judge will evaluate your poster. Posters must be 36” high, 48” wide. The Black Doctoral Network Conference Committee provides both easels and poster boards (40” x 60”). The poster competition will run for one hour in length. During this time judges will walk around and will notify you if they are judging your poster.  Students should give a ten to fifteen minutes presentation to their judge. We suggest you give a nine or ten minute presentation and allow up to five minutes for questions. The last 10 minutes of the competition will be open for students to walk around the floor to view each others work.  Students should bring their posters on the day of presentations. If you have them delivered to the venue it is your responsibility to ensure arrival. The BDN Conference committee will not be responsible for keeping posters. Presenters must include, but are not limited to, these sections on their poster.

  • Title: project title
  • Authors: your name, faculty advisor's name, university name
  • Purpose (or Objectives or Introduction)
  • Theories & Methods
  • Results or Findings
  • Summary/conclusions 

Judging Procedure

Please remain close to your poster during the competition so that you can begin your poster presentation quickly after the judges arrive. Due to scheduling difficulties, students will not be added to or moved to another time period for the competition. Once the judges arrive at your poster, you should be prepared to discuss the overall focus of the study, methodology, results and conclusions. Please allow time for questions from the judges.    

Judging Criteria     

Abstract (points awarded prior to the conference)  

  • Originality/Merit - 15 points  
  • Quality of writing - 10 points 

Poster and presentation (points awarded during judging at the conference)   

  • Appearance - 20 points  
  • Organization - 20 points  
  • Knowledge/Presentation - 35 points

For questions regarding the Poster Competition please contact:
Deandra Taylor      

Black Doctoral Network Inc.